Gary Fitzgerald - Guest Artist

Bassist Gary Fitzgerald began playing the upright bass while in the U.S. Air Force in 1963. Gary met pianist Ron Hart through jazz guitarist Bill deAngelo and started a long time relationship with the jazz pianist. Fitzgerald and Hart formed a quartet that worked the jazz scene and clubs in Cleveland.

Gary and Ron later joined drummer E.W. Wainwright in Los Angeles to form a jazz trio which toured the local college concert circuit. Fitzgerald and Wainwright also formed a long relationship as a dynamic rhythm section and leaders for many ensembles including the Los Angeles based African Roots of Jazz.

Gary met woodwind player Russel Baba through E.W. Wainwright and later toured Europe and recorded with Baba, and jazz legends drummer Eddie Moore, and violinist Michael White. Fitzgerald has also performed with notable jazz trumpeter Eddie Henderson.

Fitzgerald and Ron Hart recently produced a bass and piano duet recording of original work and standards - "April in Paris." In the notes on the CD booklet, they state that "...allowing the music to play though them led (them) on a journey of deep peace and a sense of wonder and discovery."