ShastaYama 2011 Guest Artist

Portland Taiko

"Portland Taiko again demonstrated discipline, dedication, vast reserves of creative energy, and an unbridled expression of the sheer joy of beautiful drumming."

                    James McQuillen, The Oregoniaan

Established in 1994, Portland Taiko has developed its own unique, contemporary style of taiko that weaves rhythm, melody, humor, and movement together into an exhilarating musical experience, exploring new areas for taiko music with its innovative and provocative compositions.

"I have seen them (Portland Taiko) in concert dance with their drums...and that dance makes you know in your heart how drummers heal our souls and renew our spirit."

                    Norman Weinstein, The Beat

"Portland Taiko creates a language that takes past experiences, history and memory and transforms it into sound song and movement that will echo into the future."

                    Chika Sarota, Okinawa Times