San Jose Taiko

Guest Artist 2005 / 2012

San Jose Taiko Returns As Featured ShastaYama 2012 Guest Artists


ShastaYama 2012 is honored to present one of the premier pioneering taiko artists in America, San Jose Taiko. Established in 1973, San Jose Taiko's program serves as a successful model for many taiko groups throughout the taiko world. San Jose Taiko strives to express the beauty and harmony of the human spirit through the voice of taiko creating new dimensions in movement and music. Their performances have been described as mesmerizing, powerful, fantastic, thrilling, exceptional, and spectacular.

San Jose Taiko - ShastaYama 2005 Photo: Jim Gilmore

Roy and P.J. Hirabayashi, founders Of San Jose Taiko were named National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellows in 2011. The Award is one of America's highest honors in folk and traditional arts. Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka, ShsataYama's guest in 2006/2009, was the first taiko artist to receive the National Heritage Fellow in 2001.

San Jose Taiko has appeared several times in Siskiyou County as Shasta Taiko guest artists. San Jose Taiko provided the initial spark as ShastaYama's first featured guests in 2005 and returns to celebrate the Fesitval's 8th annual ShastaYama in 2012.

The company has collaborated in concert with the foremost internationally renowned Japanese taiko musicians and performers including KODO, Ondekoza, Warabi-za, Eitetsu Hayashi, Hanayui, Michiko Lkao, Oedo Sukerroku, Osuwa Taiko, and Miyarabi Taiko.

San Jose Taiko also collaborates with noted artists and companies from other music, dance and theater disciplines like the American Conservatory Theater, George Coates Performance Works, San Jose Repertory Theater, the San Jose Symphony, the San Jose Museum of Art. Abhinaya Dance Company, Keith Terry and Crosspulse, Branda Wong Aoki, Kenny Endo, Eth-Noh-Tec, and Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra.

San Jose Taiko - ShastaYama 2005 Photo: Jim Gilmore

San Jose Taiko continues to inspire, influence, and lead taiko's development around the world.

"Taiko in its purest form needs no explanation. It communicates through the combined spirit of the players and the taiko. Taiko is a way of living, a way of being."
>San Jose Taiko

"...exciting drum-beating by San Jose Taiko...a superb blood-racing exhibition of taiko drumming..."
>San Francisco Chronicle

"The group (San Jose Taiko) is clearly among the leaders of a contemporary taiko style... The style not only involves the most complex of rhythms tattooing on the drums but also elements of theater and dance."
>Paul Hertelendy, San Jose Mercury News