Shasta Taiko

Mount Shasta’s Shasta Taiko, founded in 1985 by Jeanne Mercer and Russel Baba, is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to the introduction and development of the art of taiko and related music through its programs of year-round community classes, outreach workshops and performances, and its summer outdoor taiko festival - ShasaYama.

Shasta Taiko was one of the first American taiko programs to include children and some have developed into leading taiko artists. Shasta Taiko’s program has exposed taiko to thousands in California and the western United States.

Shasta Taiko has received national attention with a cable “ACE” award documentary “Shasta Taiko,” and in documentaries “The Spirit of Taiko” and “Big Drum.” ShastaYama is gaining higher visibility for taiko and Mount Shasta.

Jeanne Mercer and Russel Baba continue to inspire and lead taiko into the future with Shasta Taiko and ShastaYama.

Shasta Taiko:

Russel Baba
Jeanne Mercer
Wanda Welbourn
Julie Bennett
Shae Wallenstein
Marie Grigg
Debby Joslin
Norma Marsh
Melissa Marconi
Nicole Mallery
Alia Nelson