Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble


"... the musicians sliced space and made it tingle. The drummers channeled energy with adventurous vigor; they sent it out, welcomed it back, built on it and made a moving art form in the process."

                                  Los Angeles Times

Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble (SYTE) was founded in 1999 to explore and develop works that incorporate taiko with other types of performance art.

SYTE brings a new perspective to the art of taiko by focusing on modern compostions and visual motifs that step outside the mainstream.

The Oakland based ensemble tours nationally and collaborates with a variety of artists to explore and inspire other possibilities for taiko.

Somei Yoshino premiers several new works each year. Their work reflects the multi-faceted and classically trained backgrounds of each artist, culminating in a richly diverse and unique presentation.

Somei Yoshino also has an active community program that offers workshops and classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.