Russel Baba, Gary Fitzgerald, & Jeanne Mercer

Russel Baba & Masato Baba

"...Russel Baba has managed to endow his alto saxophone with the timbre and flexibility of a violin. His new sound is extra-ordinarily beautiful."

"...a strong musician who in playing his own compositions is playing himself ... projects a fierce, uncompromising integrity."
- DownBeat

Russel Baba & Jeanne Mercer

Tadaima (now, at present; I am here! / I am home!) is a creative musical ensemble that performs original compositions that include world, jazz, improvisation, and new music influences.

Tadaima combines taiko with a variety of musical instruments and artists to create and explore new directions and possibilities for music and the arts.

Russel Baba is a noted saxophone and flute player, a pioneering American taiko artist, and is known for his originality in playing and composition writing. He has toured and recorded original compositions with jazz legends drummer Eddie Moore, violinist Michael White, and pianist Andrew Hill.

Jeanne Mercer is a pioneering American taiko artist and leader. She and partner Russel Baba founded Shasta Taiko and ShastaYama. Playing jazz and improvising taiko with Russel, Eddie Moore, Michael White, and Andrew Hill, she continues to influence and inspire next generation taiko artists as a member of Tadaima.

Masato Baba is the son of Russel Baba and Jeanne Mercer and a leading figure in American taiko. Masato is the Artistic Director of TAIKOPROJECT and an original member of cutting edge taiko ensemble, On Ensemble. Masato is also an outstanding fue (Japanese bamboo flute) player. Like his parents, he is creating new compositions and paths for taiko and music.

Bassist Gary Fitzgerald is known for his dynamic sound and originality. Gary has had a long relationship with Russel Baba having toured, played, and recorded original music with Baba, drummer Eddie Moore, and violinist Michael White.

Masato Baba

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