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Show Review 2005

Outdoor Taiko Concert a Hit

July 2005
Mount Shasta Herald
by Steve Gerace

San Jose Taiko Photo: Jim Gilmore

With lantern trees created by Mario Rubino for the event, Shasta Taiko and San Jose Taiko, delighted a large gathering at the upper Shastice Park field Sunday evening.

San Jose Taiko Photo: Jim Gilmore

The concert began at twilight, then took on a magical feeling as darkness fell and the stage lighting cast a luminous glow. The first concert held on the field, with Mt. Shasta standing tall behind the audience, drew rave reviews from fans.

Russel Baba Photo: Jim Gilmore

Shasta Taiko's eclectic sound included founder Russel Baba's jazzy saxophone, and young taiko stars Michelle Fujii and Shoji Kameda displayed the Japanese drumming talents that have earned them national recognition.

Shoji Kameda Photo: Jim Gilmore