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ShastaYama 2010

ShastaYama 2010 was a huge success drawing 1300 people. Shasta Taiko wishes to thank all the many supporters, volunteers, artists, and festival attendees. ShastaYama is people coming together creating something beautiful that makes the festival special and successful.

Drumming by the Mountain: ShastaYama 2010

Big Drums, big crowd, summer fun

Mount Shasta Herald, Mount Shasta, CA
August 4, 2010
Text and Photos by Steve Gerace

American taiko's past, present and no doubt its future came together in Mount Shasta Saturday during the 6th annual ShastaYama Festival of Japanese drumming at Shastice Park in Mount Shasta.

Shasta Taiko of Mount Shasta during Saturday's 6th Annual ShastaYama Festival at Shastice Park.

In the words of Shasta Taiko co-founder Russel Baba "Taiko is drum, but taiko is more than drum - rhythm, no rhythm, drama, space, tension, movement, dance, theatrics, humor, Japanese, American, World, people, spirit, visual, artistic, musical, the event itself, etc. on and on..."

Masato Baba, above right, during a TaikoProject number with odaiko (really big drum) in fundoshi (Japanese traditional loincloth). It's a number they've performed in Japan and Brazil.

Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble brought theatrical humor to the 2010 ShastaYama Festival, including a skit in a ramen shop.

Shasta Taiko invited audience participation Saturday at Shastice Park in Mount Shasta, and the audience responded.

Michelle Fujii and Toru Watanabe brought their creative fusion of taiko and dance to the Shastice Park stage. Michelle has been a guest artist at all six ShastaYamas.

Shasta Taiko co-founder Russel Baba says, "It's a very exciting time for taiko...taiko artists are developing to a very high level and now have the capacity to really collaborate..."